Hacken Paste (hackenpaste) wrote in beercart_drama,
Hacken Paste

Free Shit!

The Snuff Radio debut EP "Who's Profiteering Now?" will be available soon, for FREE download from the SR website.

Tracklisting will be:

1. Invasion
2. Temper Tantrum
3. Apathetharian
4. Apocaliphate [edit]
5. Above the Surface
6. Jihad
7. [snuff radio]
8. Trent Reznor's Buggy
9. Beneath the Surface

The enhanced section will contain a video for Apocaliphate, directed by Victor Quero, Timothy Gumbs and Viki Walden (AKA bleeptastic), with cover art by Abigail Baker (AKA starchild82)!

Matt and I will be distributing a limited number of copies of the EP at Infest this year (i.e. tomorrow!)- if any of you lovelies are coming but still don't have transport, I currently have 1 seat remaining!
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